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Mid-Term Crowdfund Announcement tip4good – thank the maker

Mid-Term Crowdfund Announcement tip4good – thank the maker

We are halfway through our 30-day crowd fund campaign on indiegogo!

Although we have made progress and raised considerable funding, we still need a lot more support in order to reach our goal.  Follow the link to be directed to our indiegogo campaign page.

Please visit and make a pledge, if you plan to. It is very important for us. Even a token contribution counts as valuable evidence of your backing.

Even if you can’t contribute with a pledge, you can still give by generously helping our campaign go viral through your networks and social media and encouraging everyone who sees it to continue to spread it. An important part of our goal is to gauge support out there for this idea. Please help spread the word.

Now more than ever, consumers are interested in doing good with their money, not simply just spending it. Why not utilize it to directly thank the millions of predominantly women in the developing world who make our clothes?

No matter where you purchase or source from, either it’s ethical or unethical. Anyone who makes your clothes or product deserve a tip to live a better life.

Help us provide every person with the opportunity to help directly. This technology is proven. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by putting it to work to allow anyone to generously contribute to put greater prosperity within reach of hardworking people who do not earn enough to attain a basic standard of living. It’s the least these workers deserve. tip4good – thank the maker.

Warm Regards,

Roger Lacayo G., Founder

Our startup is a mobile digital payments platform that permits anyone to thank the factory workers who made the garment they purchased by paying them a gratuity with guaranteed transparency and traceability. Additional information can be seen on our twitter feed @tip4good, our blog, and at our Facebook profile

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