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Why you should thank garment workers.

Tipping or paying a gratuity is a fairly widespread practice all over the planet.  It consists of a monetary gift given by a customer to a person who has rendered a service. The most common places to tip are restaurants, hotels, and bars, although customs vary by country. In today’s globalized world, however, almost everyone is familiar with the concept of tipping, regardless of what forms it takes in their own environment.


Paying a tip sounds like a mundane issue. Something we are quite used to doing in a given situation. But there is inherent power involved in tipping. Especially now that technology permits us to pay gratuities to people who provide services who are not necessarily physically present.  Herein lies an amazing opportunity.

Technology now theoretically permits us to pay a tip to anyone anywhere at any moment. These gratuities don’t answer to markets.  They are not a function of the supply chain. They are simply a gesture of kindness and gratitude. Giving a gratuity makes the giver and the receiver feel good. It can be a beautiful expression of altruism and generosity—yet it is not a charitable contribution.

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While customers are used to tipping in many situations, especially with the service provider physically present in person, they are not used to paying gratuities to thank factory workers—yet. Faced with the concern over how inexpensive clothes have become and how little these workers are being paid (and with the omnipresent top of mind of the recurring incidents and abuses in garment manufacturing), there is good reason to believe that customers will be willing to thank the factory workers who make the clothes they purchase by paying a gratuity.

They may tip to express gratitude for the craftsmanship of their item.  But most likely, they can feel compelled to make up for how little money they paid for the garment and so send back some appreciation directly to the people who made it, bypassing the retailer, brand, dealer, and factory owner. They will even be provided with incentives for doing so continuously, if so desired. Their generosity can make a world of difference to the workers. With enough diffusion it really can improve the world. Thank these honest hardworking people with a gratuity using tip4good.

cropped-logo-26-7-17-01-15.pngtip4good is a startup in disruptive innovation combining new mobile payments technology and generosity to permit consumers to thank the factory workers who made their garment by paying them a gratuity.  Please help us continue to grow! Just join our leads list to support our pilot program:

 Humanity deserves the opportunity to make this work.




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