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Perks of using tip4good

  1. tip4good it’s optional: If you want to thank the workers who made thegarment you have purchased you do it. If not, you are not under any obligation to do so.
  2. tip4good does not affect the price: The price you pay will be the same whether or not your item is eligible to receive gratuity. It doesn’t make anything more expensive for anyone, including the consumers, brands, suppliers, or retailers.
  3. tip4good gratuities are paid directly: Gratuities do not flow into the value chain, so they cannot be accounted for in the pricing and production of the garments. Brands, retailers, suppliers and other entities in the chain of production do not benefit materially from the gratuity.
  4. tip4good cannot be gamed: Suppliers will not be able to deduct gratuity amounts or garnish workers’ wages to compensate for this extra income. Amounts and dates of payments will be random. Neither we nor anyone else can predict when a given group of workers will receive enough gratuity to activate a disbursement.
  5. Workers are free to spend their gratuity however they want: Funds do not flow towards projects from which all workers do not derive equal value. The funds may be spent freely, no strings attached, as per the needs and priorities of beneficiary workers, guaranteeing maximum beneficial impact for the household and the broader economy.
  6. tip4good does not distort existing sustainability incentives: No stakeholder is off the hook in fulfilling its obligations to improve the state of the garment industry. All stakeholders are still be held to account. Gratuity flows are unpredictable and cannot be utilized to compensate for other initiatives.
  7. tip4good has unbeatable reach: NWe engage the customer on every single garment produced for each participating brand.
  8. Gratuities are verifably guaranteed to reach the garment worker: tip4good uses a mobile payments platform that is fully digitized from end to end.Gratuities are paid by mobile phone and received on the workers’ mobile phones. Thisprovides ironclad transparency and traceability, with no possibility for leakage of funds.Factories, brands, retailers, and brokers do not handle any funds. Only tip4good and the workers ever receive or disburse gratuities.


tip4good is the only method that allows the consumer to personally impactthe factory workers DIRECTLY, by thanking them with a gratuity


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