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How will tip4good work?

The tip4good program harnesses advances in mobile payments technologies and the goodwill and generosity of consumers. That is where it all starts. While technology makes this all possible, trends in altruism and philanthropy, as well increasing preference for products manufactured in a fair, sustainable manner with respect for human rights provide the catalyst for this groundbreaking way of thanking the world’s least-privileged workers.


Each garment produced for a partner brand at the supplier factory anywhere in the world is assigned a unique QR code. The QR code corresponds to a specific production lot and identifies the workers that participated in its production and their respective phone or digital account numbers. These QR codes are printed on tip4good tags attached to all garments produced on that work order. Upon purchase, the user scans that QR code with her mobile phone and effects the gratuity payment. This transfers the gratuity to the account associated with that QR code.


Gratuities are accumulated at a clearinghouse based on their respective QR code. That QR code account contains pertinent information such as the wage level, worker headcount associated with production order, other costs, as well as the disbursement threshold (i.e. 10% of workers’ monthly wage). Using a smart contract, the account disburses automatically once payment conditions are met. The transfer reaches the account numbers of the workers associated with that QR through digital wallets on their mobile phones or other applicable fully digital means. Only workers whose digital account/phone numbers appear on the original work order list linked to that QR will receive their pro-rata share of the gratuity accumulated in the account. Users are notified when their gratuity is disbursed.

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This end-to-end digital platform provides ironclad transparency and traceability and removes any possibility for misappropriation of funds. Gratuities have absolutely no contact with the supply chain. They are paid directly to the worker, not to the retailer, brand, intermediary, supplier factory, or supplier’s outsourcer. tip4good reserves a portion of the funds to pay for its administration and promotion.  The gratuity pass-through will start at 75% and grow progressively as the platform acquires economies of scale.

Users can download the tip4good app to participate in our rewards program. This incentivizes continued tipping by awarding points based on amount and frequency of donations. Points can then be exchanged for prizes, discounts, event passes, and perks provided by participating brands as well as other sponsors. Status is also conferred with widgets that can be posted on the user’s social media. Giving through tip4good is gratifying as well as fun!

cropped-logo-26-7-17-01-15.pngWith tip4good everyone benefits: the workers, the suppliers, the brands, and the consumers. Let’s tip4good.

tip4good is a startup in disruptive innovation combining new mobile payments technology and generosity to permit consumers to thank the factory workers who made their garment by paying them a gratuity.  Please help us continue to grow! Just join our leads list to support our pilot program:

Humanity deserves the opportunity to make this work.  tip4good!


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